Cash In Big on the US Open this Week at Some of the Top Online Sportsbooks

When a Major rolls around in golf, even casual sports bettors tend to take note. When it is the hardest and stiffest test the world’s best golfers will face all year long, it is sure to capture the attention of sports bettors as one of the top betting events of the year.

The US Open has become a very special and popular sporting event as well as betting event over the years given the drama and excitement it has the potential to create. Many times shooting even par will keep you in contention right through the final round and more than once the actual winner finished the four rounds with a final score that was a bit over par for the week given the brutal playing conditions of that year’s venue.

This year’s venue will also add to the excitement of this week’s event since it is a brand new addition to the long list of famous courses that have hosted a US Open in the past. Erin Hills Golf Club in Erin, Wisconsin will present a challenge to golf bettors as well as the best players in the world given its lack of a past track record as a course for a Major. One of the best ways to handicap a golfer’s chance to do well in an upcoming tournament is looking back at their past performance on that track. It will be a fresh start for everyone in the field this week in pursuit of one of the most coveted titles in professional golf.

All this means is that it time to start getting serious about how and what you are going to bet on at any number of different online sportsbooks offering betting action for this event. Just about every online book will offer general futures odds to win the 2017 US Open, but picking out a straight-up winner in this field can be almost next to impossible. As mentioned, this is easily the toughest test that these guys will face all year long whether you are Dustin Johnson as the clear favorite to successfully defend last year’s victory in the US Open at Oakmont Country Club to the club pro that just qualified for this year’s tournament.

One of the best ways to bet on any golf tournament is on the betting odds posted for a number of head-to-head matchups between two designated players. When the event is one of the four Majors, then things really get dialed up. You should be able to find head-to-head matchup odds for the US Open as a whole as well as betting odds for each individual round.

You will also find a host of prop bets that have been released in conjunction with the action on the course. Some prop odds will group together a foursome of players and pit them against the field in terms of winning it all. You can also find props for things such as margin of victory, top golfer by geographic region and the probability that any player will card a hole in one during any of the four competitive rounds of play.Another way to gain some added value in the posted odds for any US Open wager is to shop the numbers from site to site. Some of the differences may be subtle, but any betting odds that are in your favor will also add value if you decide to place that bet at that particular online betting site. You may also come across a few betting props that are strictly unique to that particular online book.

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