How to Use Pay Per Head Player Activity Reports to Grow Your Bookie Business

One of the best benefits of using premium Pay Per Head online bookie software solutions to run and manage your own independent sportsbook is the wealth of information that you can gather from any number of business reports that are readily available. While many of these business analytics are designed to help you maintain weekly cash flow, analyze current betting positions and stay way out in front of all the daily betting action coming in, there is one report that can also act as a vital marketing tool for actually growing your sports bookie business in both scope and size.

A player activity report contain a wealth of information that can help you break down your overall business in its simplest form. By getting a really good feel for what each and every one of your customers is betting on over the course of a sport’s calendar year, you will be able to create a comprehensive sales and marketing plan that can take full advantage of all the betting opportunities that present themselves over this 12-month period.

As part of the individual player profiles that you can set up with the help of your price per head bookie software package, a player activity report completes each profile to give you a very clear picture of what your customers are betting on and even more importantly what they are not. Every independent sports bookie knows that football drives the bottom-line profit of your business, but with an offseason that drags on for well over seven months, you need to constantly diversify into other sports betting options.

Even if you have built up a business with other sports such as basketball, hockey and baseball, there is a wide array of other betting options that can add even more profit to your overall business simply by taking some extra time to market them to your existing customer base. Golf and tennis are basically year-round sports with posted betting live odds and scores for every event. Soccer is the most global sport on the board with leagues and tournaments all over the world. Building a side business for your racebook for horses makes all the sense in the world and most of today’s top Pay Per Head sites can quickly set you up with an online casino that is equipped with both mobile gaming options as well as live dealer table games.

The choice of how big and how wide you expand your board is always up to you, but why would you leave money on the table while also failing to establish yourself as a full-service premium sportsbook. Today’s highly sophisticated Pay Per Head sportsbook management solutions are designed to help you level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. Why take the risk of having even one of your sports betting customers look elsewhere to place a bet because that event or option was not on your betting board.

One of the best aspects of any PPH player activity report is the real time information in can provide. This will allow you to track and measure the success rate of any of your marketing efforts when it comes to a new betting event or option that you may have recently added to your board. Even if you pick up a little extra betting action from your marketing efforts, this is added business that you did not have in the past.

While it will take some added time and effort on your part to create a comprehensive sales and marketing plan for your bookie business with the help of your player activity reports, the end results will more than justify the means.

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