Accurate Live Scores and Odds Produce Winning Wagers

The winning bettor has a certain strategy and sticks to that strategy to win in the long run. Along the way, there will be some adjustments but, for the most part, successful bettors stick to what works for them. But for any bettor to be successful, you must start from the basics … accurate live scores and odds.

One thing that plays a role in successful betting picks is data. The more information a bettor has on a certain game; the greater the likelihood for success. Available data includes accurate live scores and odds. Having access to these makes a big difference in winning bets.


Understanding Odds

Remember, when a sportsbook establishes odds it is not predicting the outcome of that game or match. The odds reflect what most of the betting public thinks is the predicted outcome of that game or match.

In setting odds, a sportsbook will use a number of resources including statistics, past history, expert opinions, professionals in the gaming industry, and more. Sportsbooks have people on staff that are experts in establishing odds. The bottom line though is that the more data that is available, the more accurate the odds. 

Live Betting

With the advent of technology, sportsbooks found that they could provide an even more attractive betting experience if they allowed bettors to wager on games that were being played live.

Live betting allows bettors to make wagers after a game or match has already started. Historically, gamblers could only place bets prior to the start of a contest.

Bettors can now get in on all sorts of action like proposition bets and parlays once a game has started. You can bet on player performance like “Will Tom Brady go over or under 2.5 touchdown passes?” You can even bet on the results of the next play or what type of play – run or pass – will occur.

How to Start Your Own Sportsbook

Winning Live Bets

If you are going to try live betting, you have to have a strategy and it’s a good idea to actually watch the game you are betting. Let’s say it’s an NFL game featuring New England and Buffalo.

The Patriots are the favorite on the moneyline at -200. The Bills are the underdog at +180. The game starts and the Patriots have some trouble in the red zone and don’t score on two possessions. At the end of the first half, the score is Buffalo 14, New England 3.

Live odds adjust and show the Patriots now +125 and the Bills as the favorite at -115. Remember, the odds are a reflection of what most think the result will be. More bettors are backing Buffalo.

This is an opportunity for a smarter bettor to capitalize on the new live odds. New England under head coach Bill Belichick has a history of late-game comebacks. Plus, the Patriots were playing well in this game. They just couldn’t score when in the red zone. 

Live scores and odds are crucial to in-game betting. They are also pretty important in traditional wagers. Having the best, most accurate information prior to making a bet is a recipe for success for the smart sports bettor.

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