Let a Pay Per Head Service Run Your Numbers

Pay per head services (PPH) are basically the entire technology behind a sportsbook. PPH services are outside providers that bookies pay to run their sites.

This includes the odds, bet types, interface, and so much more. The only thing that PPH services don’t do is accept payments and market your business.


A bookie would pay a PPH per member head on the site. Most sportsbooks in today’s world are utilizing PPH services.

If you’re a bookie and you’re not using a PPH, you’re making a mistake. PPH companies make all bookies’ lives easier. That’s why you shouldn’t be worrying about your own numbers.

Here are the main reasons why you should utilize a Pay Per Head.

You don’t have the power to compete with big books on your own

The big books in the industry are run by PPH services. These services give books betting capability on an insurmountable number of sports.

Books now offer sports betting on leagues around the world that aren’t commonly known. Big books never have a down moment because there are always games to bet. 

Big books outsource this to Pay Per Head services. It’s much cheaper than paying people in your company to run your own numbers. PPH services are cheaper, and they provide a superior book for players. 

Bettors notice the difference between books that use PPH services and ones that don’t. The experience is always better with a PPH.

If you don’t know, now you know …. buying sports picks makes sense!

You’ll be able to focus on marketing

Pay Per Head companies provide an extensive betting menu. This is the largest part of having a successful book.

By outsourcing this, you’re able to focus on other important things for your brand to grow. In an industry that’s dominated by a few books, you’re going to need to focus on marketing.

There isn’t enough time and money accessible to run numbers and successfully market for any sportsbook.

Marketing brings people to your book, which in turn puts more money in your pocket. By having a solid PPH to run your numbers, clients are more likely to keep betting on your site.

Use a PPH to Boost Your NCAAB Bookie Business

You’ll be able to grow

PPH services vary in pricing. However, it’s very easy to find a great PPH that’s reasonable. It’s much cheaper to utilize a PPH than run your own numbers.

This will allow you to grow drastically and create revenue. Revenue is the key to staying in business. By spending money on a PPH, you’ll actually make more money.

Since you pay per head, you’ll never outspend the number of clients that are joining your site. Startup fees will be nothing when you see the growth that comes from utilizing a PPH.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not using a PPH, find one as soon as possible. PPH companies are the gateway to a successful sportsbook.

They allow you to focus on the most important thing in a sportsbook business. This is bringing people to your site through marketing.

PPH services were meant to run numbers, so find one today for your book. It’s one of the best decisions that you could make to improve your business.

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