Choose the Right Sportsbook

The NBA Finals are on top of us, the NHL finals have already started and the 2018 MLB season is in the thick of things. Even better news; NCAA College Football and the NFL are right around the corner. There couldn’t be a better time than now to be an avid sports fan and sports bettor. With the recent news of the United States Supreme Court paving the way to a gambling free market, the online bookies have been flooded with business.

For more than 25 years the online gaming industry has been a power player in the world of sports gambling but there has always been an underlying secrecy by their clients; some fear of “big brother” watching. Nobody to our knowledge has ever been arrested for gambling on the internet from the United Sates, let alone stood trial and been convicted. It simply doesn’t happen. There has been a gray area for years concerning internet gaming, what you could do and what you couldn’t do. There are a couple of states that have “strict laws” against the practice but again, who has been arrested? Think of what lengths the government would need to go to in order to find an internet sports gambler. They have better things to do and gamblers know it. For this reason, internet gambling has grown every year.

Now, there is not even a grey area to worry about. The Supreme Court took care of that. The bookies are happy, the states are happy and the players are definitely happy. There really never was a “big brother” problem, now there is absolutely not a problem. The IRS won’t be hunting you down, you do not need to claim gambling earnings less than $9,999, just as it has always been.

Now that the worries are completely gone for good, you can relax and choose the right online sportsbooks for your betting portfolio. Choose wisely and choose accordingly to your individual gaming needs. The Sharpe players from Vegas always have several sportsbooks, if you are serious about making money you must have more than one.

Why do sharpe players have multiple sportsbooks?

For two really good reasons…

1. Competition for the best lines and odds.
2. The option to take a bonus with some and play only cash with others.

How to know that a sportsbook is right for you:

There are literally hundreds of online bookmakers and knowing who is good and who isn’t so good can be tricky. You must ask yourself a few important questions before signing up with any online gaming provider. Remember, if you are serious about this gambling hobby you must have more than one bookmaker. So with that in mind, we say, ‘what questions you should ask before signing up with multiple online bookies’.

1. Do they have a great reputation?
2. Are they honest?
3. Have you read the reviews or have you read customer reviews?
4. Do they payout quickly and hassle free?
5. Do they have a reputation for top notch customer service?
6. Do they have a great betting/Wagering platform?
7. Do they offer more than just the four major sports, what are their betting options?
8. What are their wagering options within the sports they offer?
9. Do they offer great player bonuses and will they work with you on low rollover amounts?
10. What about down time, are they up and running at least 99% of the time?

Choosing the right sportsbook will make or break the fun of this hobby so be sure to do a little research before depositing, whether it’s your first online bookie or your 5th, you must ask yourself the above questions and your gambling hobby will be much further up the road.

Betagame – Get Your Money when you want your money puts a stop to the bull and they pay when you want paid! Cash transfers, no problem, they offer them and usually within 48 hours of the request. Want to deposit with bitcoin, cash or gift card? Bet a Game has your back.

Americas Bookie – Pays out quickly and offers one FREE per week

It’s hard to believe that Americas Bookie has been in the business for more than 12 years and they just continue to grow. With legendary customer service and the peace of mind knowing that your security is job number one, Americas Bookie continues to amaze. Sharp players love their lines and odds and even better; the bonus program is a big hit with low rollover amounts and ease of use. Every game is on the board and they offer every wagering option in the business

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Find a premium sportsbook this year for betting on sports. has been in the business a long time and they know how to treat customers right. They always pay quickly when you beat them and with absolutely no hassle or “quilting”. They go the extra mile to provide fantastic customer service and they cater to American players.
1Vice is a great bookie for one simple reason; they offer the sports that gamblers love to bet on and they offer the most ways in which to bet with highly competitive lines and odds. Look no further that 1Vice.

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